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2014 East of the River Distinguished Artist Award

Presented by Honfleur Gallery with funding from the Gautier Family

ARCH Development Corporation (ADC) and the Gautier Family are pleased to announce Jonathan French as the winner of the third annual East of the River Distinguished Artist Award. ADC will host an awards ceremony on August 16 at Honfleur Gallery to formally present French with his $5,000 prize. The following individuals made up this year’s panel: Nasar Abadey (musician), Michael Bigley (The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation), Sharon Gautier (art collector and family representative), Patrick McDonough (artist), and Amber Robles-Gordon (artist).

courtesy Jonathan French
French’s interest in photography started 40 years ago. Primarily a self-taught photographer, he has taken his personal and professional role of visual historian seriously since 1996. French has been a Catalogue Technician at The Library of Congress for 26 years.

French’s photography has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally; including exhibitions in various parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and in Paris, France.

ADC plans to continue selecting and honoring one EotR artist with the $5,000 award each year. Artists who currently live East of the Anacostia River neighborhoods in all disciplines whose careers have made a substantial impact on the arts in Washington, DC will be eligible each year. The award is designed to celebrate the achievements and contributions of East of the River artists who have enriched the arts in Washington, DC. This award epitomizes the goals of ADC and the Gautier Family to create a home for the creative economy, artists, arts, and cultural organizations to fulfill its mission of revitalization and sustainable economic development in Historic Anacostia.

Luis Peralta Del Valle was the 2013 East of the River Distinguished Artist. Peralta Del Valle immigrated to Washington, DC in the 1980s due to the civil war in Nicaragua. Peralta Del Valle has lived east of the Anacostia River since 2008, and has continued to grow his unique personal artistic sensibilities all while remaining an active leader in the Washington, DC arts world.

BK ADAMS • I AM ART was the first East of the River Distinguished Artist recipient in 2012. Adams is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes painting, sculpting, and writing. He has been described as an artist who lives his art.